Europay| MasterCard| VISA (EMV)

Europay International, MasterCard and VISA-Certification? EMV compliance for Controller PCs!

We help you to get your Controller PCs fit for the EMV compliance

Datacard 9000 / 7000 Controller PCs & EMV compliance

You would like to get your Controller PCs matching to the EMV (Europay International, Mastercard and VISA) compliances? 

We offer the allround-services for this problem:EMV Europay International, MasterCard and Visa compliance and solution

  1. Pick-Up Service of the controller
  2. Conversion to a new Operating System
  3. Installation of your preferred version of the Datacard CIS software
  4. Free delivery of the prepared and running Controller-PC
  5. Warranty for one or three year(s)

Features - important for MasterCard and Visa-certifications:

  • Operating System, constantly updated and supported
  • Support of all common network protocols
  • No more IBM OS/2 limitations
  • CIS software compatible
  • Complete solution for EMV personalization supporting both mass issuance and branch level instant issuance.
  • Low Cost, High Performance, Strong Support 24/7
  • Compatible with Visa and MasterCard security requirements.
  • Open & Innovative Platform.
  • Will support third party proprietary application development.
  • Will support third party development of EMV card type.
  • Fully documented solution.
  • Works with Datacard, NBS, Matica, CIM, Ruhlamat, HID (Fargo), Zebra, and Evolis

Keep your Datacard 7000/9000 compliant with our EMV solution

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