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C&M Partner: The company

Starting our current business in year 2009 we became C&M Partner GmbH in 2013: Your partner for card & mailing-projects. As a family enterprise we are specialized in providing products and services to the card service bureaus. Our roots in the plastic card and SmartCard industry go back into the early 1990th and summ up the experience of 20 years in a good variety of technical and commercial aspects.

We offer machines, parts, consumables, software and services. We help you to keep your machines running longer or selling your used machines to others. Furthermore we offer a EMV-Solution for Europay, MasterCard and Visa-certifications - for example for your Datacard 9000.

Why C&M Partner?

  1. We are a All-in-one-stop-shop for the Plastic-Card-Industrie: Machines (Buy or rent), Spare Parts, Consumable Supplies, Technical Services, Bord-Repair-Service, EMV-Solution
  2. Experience: More than 20 years in the Plastic-Card-Industrie
  3. We keep your machines alive: 5-10 years longer than End-of-Life 
  4. Save money at the machines and materials - no at the employees
  5. We are international
  6. We are independent of manufacturer
  7. Machines for buy or rent

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  Ulrich Mangold        Matthias Mangold        Gerd Mederski

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