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Machine manufacturer

Machines in the card industry are specially designed devices that enable efficient and precise production of high-quality cards. These technical machines offer a variety of functions and options to meet the requirements of card manufacturing.

  • Card printing machines: Card printing machines are at the heart of the card industry. They enable the printing of text, graphics, barcodes and other personalized information on card surfaces.
  • Laminating machines: Laminating machines are used to apply an additional protective layer to the printed cards, ensuring that the cards are laminated evenly and completely.
  • Encoding machines: Encoding machines enable the integration of magnetic strips, RFID tags or smart chips into the cards and the programming of cards with specific information.
  • Cutting machines: Cutting machines are used to cut different types of cards, such as plastic cards or PVC cards into the desired size and shape.
  • Personalization machines: Personalization machines offer advanced card individualization functions for different personalization requirements.

Proper selection and implementation of machines ensures smooth production, consistent quality and optimal efficiency in card production

We offer new and old machines as well as individual modules.
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Our Manufacturers:

CIM Datacard Evolis
Fargo Matica Mictom
Mühlbauer NBS Spartanics


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