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 Consumable supplies

Consumables in the card industry include a wide range of products that are essential for the smooth operation of card printing systems. These materials play an important role in the creation of high-quality cards and ensure efficient and reliable production. From original products to compatible alternatives, we are committed to providing you with a diverse range of consumables so you can make the best choice for your needs.

Common consumables include:

  • Card printing foils: these foils are specifically designed for printing cards. They offer a smooth surface and high print quality. Card printing foils are available in a variety of colors and can be customized with additional security features.
  • Cleaning materials: To extend the life of the printing systems and ensure optimum print quality, regular cleaning is essential. Cleaning cards, cleaning rolls and cleaning solutions are important consumables for removing dust, dirt and contaminants from printheads and other components.
  • Overlay foils: overlay foils serve as an additional protective layer for printed cards. They provide increased durability and abrasion resistance to protect cards from wear and tampering. Overlay foils can be transparent or available with security features such as holograms or watermarks.
  • Encoding materials: in the card industry, cards are often encoded with magnetic strips, RFID tags or smart chips. The corresponding consumables include magnetic strips, RFID tags or inlays, and chip module modules. These materials enable the integration of functions such as access control, payment systems or data transmission on the cards.
  • Attachment materials: to attach cards to badge holders, lanyards or clothing, attachment materials such as lanyards, clips, badge sleeves or ribbons are used. These materials provide convenience and security for the card user.

The use of high quality ensures consistent print quality, longevity and security of the cards. It is important to select the appropriate consumables for specific applications and printing systems to achieve optimal results.

OEM-Artikelnummern: 807839-101
562,03 € *
OEM-Artikelnummern: 15R0
price on request *
OEM-Artikelnummern: PL12000
price on request *
OEM-Artikelnummern: 1350-1560
60,75 € *
4,40 € *
OEM-Artikelnummern: QCA1001
133,50 € *
OEM-Artikelnummern: 592759-010
59,90 € *
7,80 € *
OEM-Artikelnummern: C53S655006
19,22 € *
OEM-Artikelnummern: 559791-001
price on request *
OEM-Artikelnummern: F9J68A
229,13 € *
OEM-Artikelnummern: 559789-502
132,32 € *
OEM-Artikelnummern: 559790-513
52,61 € *
5,85 € *
OEM-Artikelnummern: F9K17A
229,31 € *
OEM-Artikelnummern: F9K16A
229,31 € *
OEM-Artikelnummern: 560002-01
0,98 € *
OEM-Artikelnummern: ZTO12-V1-018
44,00 € *
OEM-Artikelnummern: 01181A702D
price on request *
OEM-Artikelnummern: C4501
77,50 € *
OEM-Artikelnummern: 568680-001
price on request *
OEM-Artikelnummern: C2H57A
541,61 € *
OEM-Artikelnummern: 548678-001
price on request *
OEM-Artikelnummern: CF325X
price on request *
45,60 € *
OEM-Artikelnummern: F9K15A
229,31 € *
OEM-Artikelnummern: 84051
131,63 € *
OEM-Artikelnummern: 560003-01
0,95 € *
OEM-Artikelnummern: RM1-9788-000CN
price on request *