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Available Machines

Discover our current selection of available and deliverable Datacard machines.
We offer first-class used devices to meet your needs for secure and custom-designed cards.
Our available machines are just waiting to take your card personalization project to a new level:

Datacard MX2100, 236171 - Bank Card, QA + Card Delivery System      - Price: 215.000 €

Datacard MX2100, 236173 - Bank Card, Graphics + Card Delivery Syst. - Price: 195.000 €

Datacard MX1100, 236184 - Bank Card System, Small                             - Price: 99.000 €

Datacard MX6000, 236023 - Bank Card System, Graphics                       -  Price: 349.000 €

Datacard MX2000, 236032 - Bank Card, Graphics + Card Delivery Syst. - Price: 120.000 €


Click here to get an overview of the available machines or contact us to receive further information about the machines and current inventory.

Our dedicated team is ready to help you find the ideal card personalization solution for your requirements.