We keep your Datacard-Machines 5-10 years longer than "End of Life" in production

Datacard 7000 Machines
We offer everything around your Datacard machines. We are specialised in production series like the Datacard 9000 series, including versions like DC 7000 and DC 500. For this and further more Datacard machines we are offering spare parts, consumable supplies, pre-owned and refurbished machines. In addition we have some service technicans with years of experience with Datacard, e.g. for maintenance, reparation or technical training for your stuff.

Next to the 9000 series we have DC 150i, Datacard MX, MaxSys, SE48, Artista, SP/ CP/ SD. No more "end of life" - we keep your machines 5-10 longer in production.

EMV Europay, MasterCard and Visa-zertifikat for Datacard 9000 with our EMV-Solution

  1. Spare Parts
  2. Consumable Supplies 
  3. Pre-owned and refurbished machines
  4. Board-Repair-Service
  5. Technical Services
  6. EMV-Solution